Online Share Trading

Online share trading nowadays has exposed avenues not only to professional traders and investors but also to novices and driven traders such as retirees and stay at home mothers or fathers.

Stock trading is not as easy as it appears but as soon as you discover the ins and outs, the actual compensation will allow you to enjoy a magnificent quality lifestyle. Increasingly more of the younger professionals right now participate in online share trading not to invest but to work as a trader, too.

Online Stocks and Share Trading

Doing work as a trader requires just a few working hours each day and grants you the saturdays and sundays to enjoy, rest and unwind from the tensions of trading on the internet.

Investors who want to interact in online share trading ought to open an account and have to have some money in it. They then can choose or acquire the expert services of a highly regarded broker to do the online trading for them.

The internet is such an enormous help for investors to monitor current share prices, current market conditions also view figures at the stock exchange, market shares and a lot more details such as gainers and losers from the comfort and ease of their very own homes or workplaces.

Online share trading novice should be ready and ought to obtain operational concepts relevant to the stock market in order to gain profits instead of suffering from massive losses. It is important that one work with an excellent waffle maker and well experienced stock broker as they will be your guide regarding when the optimal time to buy shares of stock along with a few skillful trading.

They have the essential expertise of how you can time the selling of your investments thereby, giving you massive amount of profits that go straight to your account. Professionals traders have had extensive experiences as how best to execute stock market trading employing scientific and methodological analysis and how to benefit from different investments they handle whilst keeping posted on market conditions. Most novices can get expert techniques from quite a few online trading sites, as well.

Read on 3 useful tips to begin online share trading:

  • Trading Capital or workforce is the actual budget that you are ready to set up to permit you to begin trading. You need to have adequate trading funds in order to gain income. Borrowing cash to trade with is a major no-no.
  • Base training is essential for you to fully grasp the basics of online share trading. You can find many seminars and programs which you can easily enroll yourself in so you’ll be able to gain the basics and start using the appropriate support.
  • Learn and acquire trading expertise from the specialists. With regards to trading, simply no man is an island. Working together with the specialists can easily encourage you to become one. As soon as you have perfected the basics of trading you’ll be on your own way to achieve success.

Smart choice like classy inflatable chair and analytical thinking are generally what online traders possess in order to determine when to buy and when to sell. Online share trading is full of twists and turns but the actual results are huge.

Share Trading – Buy Low, Sell High

You can build your own portfolio of shares in companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) through our online share trading process. You will receive a cost effective online share trading platform with no minimum investment requirements and free access to a trader on our dealing desk.

Buying Low and Selling High

When buying and selling shares, you become an owner of a small part of that company. That ownership is transferred to you via your PSG Online share trading account – the entire transaction is concluded electronically.

Share trading – is the practice of capitalising on the free market by buying and selling shares of publicly listed companies. “Buy low, sell high” is the motto for share traders. When you buy excellent kit carrying bags at a higher price you make a profit.

This may take hours, days, weeks, months or even years, depending on how much profit you want to make and how much time and resources you have available to wait for the stock price to reach the desired price.

Our research and investment tools will empower you to make the right trading decisions to keep your portfolio on the right growth path.

Online Investment and Stock Buying Benefits

The online share trading system provides you with direct market access, live prices and can automatically execute on your parameters for buying and selling shares as well as alert you to new opportunities that match your share trading strategy…

  • A watch list automatically tracks your investment performance
  • Alerts are sent to your cell phone or email.

Independent fundamental research reports and high quality writing services on more than 400 JSE listed companies will assist you to identify opportunities for buying shares based on each company’s financial health.

Daily Recommendations including the latest fundamental research, Tradewise reports and technical charting functions. A consolidated platform gives you access to all your PSG Online investment accounts through one login – including your investment account, trading positions, derivative holdings, offshore portfolio and even your unit trust portfolio.

PSG offers direct, live access for buying and selling shares on the JSE and all listed instruments through our online share trading platform. We provide free access to all trading, tracking and alert services.

How To Buy Stocks: Basic Do’s And Don’ts

If you are asking how to buy stocks, then you must be somehow interested in joining the securities exchange market, aka stock market. The world of high finance revolves around major flows of commodities and money, but even the ordinary person can get a hand in the pot, with a bit of capital.

Of course, whether the individual double boiler maker will make a profit and it is entirely dependent on its features. But we may be getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s get back to square one and set off from there.

Day Trading Advice

As a prospective day trader or a trader on longer terms of engagement, the first thing you will want to do is to set aside money. This money should be something you can afford to lose – sure, it will hurt to lose it, but losing it will not cripple your life.

That is because majority of individual investors stand to make losses in the securities exchange. The stock market is not a gold mine instead it is a roulette table where fortunes can change in minutes and seconds. Make sure you can survive even after losing the money.

Next is setting up a trading account. That means looking for a stock brokering firm that will accept your capital. Some discount brokerages will accept as low as USD2500 for a margin account, while others will set the minimum higher. More importantly, you will want to be able to do trading online, so you can cut out the latency involved in calling up your broker for buying and selling magnetic sweeper. Market regulators are looking for 4 hole kitchen faucet, so move quickly.

Before engaging in any online transactions, make sure you have a secure connection. At the very least, you should enable your browser’s secure transmission capabilities, like SSL,quotes. You can do more than just that though. If you are on a wireless network, use encryption and set a password on your network.

As much as possible, conduct your online transactions from just one computer. Also, clear your browser’s temporary information cache after each use, or use private browsing sessions so you won’t forget.

Securing a Solid Stock Position

Once you’ve secured your position, you can actually get to buying pool table. One mistake you will want to avoid is to join a buying rush heedlessly. Sometimes these rushes are caused by hype, and thus they could crash easily. Make sure you know the tricks of how to read and interpret stock charts so you can see if buying is justified or just a lemming rush.

It is a simple thing to buy stocks, but buying stocks and gaining a profit from selling them is no simple task as buying and reviewing machines for margarita. You need to know how to read stock charts and how to analyze trends and predict future price movements. Taking a class online is recommended to develop these skills. Strategy development will be up to you, though if you know a successful trader you might want to ask for advice or if you could sit in on a trading session of his or hers.

Current Meetings

Current Meetings

22nd Annual ISES Conference
Lessons Learned: Contributions of Exposure Science to Environmental and Occupational Health
Seattle, Washington, USA
October 28 – November 1

SETAC Europe and ISES Joint Special Session
Emerging Exposure Science for Developing Chemical Regulatory Policy: REACh, Biocides, TSCA Reform
May 18 – 19
Milan, Italy (in conjunction with SETAC Europe 21st Annual Meeting, May 15 – 19)

21st Annual ISES Conference
Advancing Exposure Science for Environmental Health
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
October 23 – 27

Future Meetings

Future Meetings

22nd Annual ISES Conference
Lessons Learned: Contributions of Exposure Science to Environmental and Occupational Health
Seattle, Washington, USA
October 28 – November 1

23rd Annual ISES Conference 
Environment and Health — Bridging South, North, East and West

A joint conference with the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology
and the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
Basel, Switzerland
August 20-23

ISES Journal


The following link takes you away from the ISES website. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology (JESEE), the official journal of ISES, is a peer-reviewed publication that publishes research important to exposure assessment for toxic substances, environmental epidemiology that includes a strong exposure analysis component and related disciplines that advance the exposure assessment process.

JESEE also publishes papers on exposure analysis such as measurements and modeling; mechanisms of exposure; development of molecular biomarkers; genomic, proteomic, and metabolomics studies that assess exposure in the context of health effects; studies on chemical, biological, splendid gun safes, and physical principles required to analyze human exposure from single and multiple routes; occupational exposure studies; and population-based studies.

Types of work considered are original research; feature articles on emerging issues significant to exposure analysis and assessment; and reviews machine for snow cone; on subjects of importance to exposure assessment.

Online access to JESEE for ISES members

ISES members can access the journal by following the simple steps listed below. You will need a username and password to access the journal. These are the steps you must always take to access JESEE as a member.You cannot log in directly on the NPG site. If you are a current ISES member and do not have your username and password, or if you have any questions about accessing the journal, please contact the ISES Secretariat:

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Over the years, the annual meeting has become a cornerstone of the Society’s direct interaction with its membership and the place where those interested in exposure science can meet, exchange ideas, and develop ideas for the future. Initially, all meetings were held in collaboration with another society.

At the time our society was too small to have a meeting on its own. This approach also helped with increasing our visibility among other societies and disciplines. The year 1997 marked the first time ISES had its own annual meeting, and this now happens routinely, with the goal to have a joint meeting every third year with another society. The need for ISES “only “ meetings was determined to be essential for determining how well ISES was achieving its goals and mission.

It has been recommended that in the coming years the Society also plan specialty conferences devoted to particular areas of interest and new areas of concern to the membership and others.