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17th Annual ISEA Conference 2007

Panel Discussion: Integration of Exposure Science into Disaster Preparedness

17th Annual Conference of the International Society of Exposure Analysis, October 15, 2007, Durham/Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Co- Chairs: Charles E. Rodes, Moderator, and Michael J. Dellarco, Rapporteur

Introduction: Charles E. Rodes, PhD, Moderator

Keynote Presentation: Honorable David E. Price, NC, 4th District Congressman

Paul J. Lioy, PhD: “Response Priorities and Management of Disasters: Opportunities for Reducing Health Impacts Through Exposure Science"

Edo D. Pellizzari, PhD:  “The Path Forward in Disaster Preparedness Since WTC – Exposure Characterization and Mitigation: Substantial Unfinished Business!

Mitchell D. Erickson, PhD, DHS: "A Perspective on Exposure Characterization & Mitigation"

Dori B. Reissman, MD, MPH: “Exposure Characterization: A Component of Responder Health & Safety"

Daniel A. Vallero, PhD:  “Disaster Exposure: The Four R’s”

Bernard D. Goldstein, MD
Morton Lippmann, PhD
Thomas A. Burke, PhD

Supporting Material:
Summary Report and Recommendations – “Integration of Better Exposure Characterizations Into Disaster Preparedness for Responders and the Public” – submitted to Representative David Price, NC, 4th District Congressman

Supporting Citations

Additional lessons learned– Daniel A. Vallero, PhD

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Press Release – September 5, 2007


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